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What I Do

Pregnant Woman in Nature

Birth Doula

Continuous Labor Support

I support mothers’ through labor by providing information regarding birth processes, position changes, comfort measures, breathing techniques, visualization, mindfulness practices, guided relaxation, hands on massage, and encouragement for the duration of your labor.

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Mindfulness Coaching

Supporting your Inner Journey

Through introspection, emotional awareness, and compassion, we deeply transform. I am a professional yoga instructor & mindfulness meditation educator, eager to help you find your internal peace and balance. I am here to offer practices that will help guide you during labor.

Postpartum Ayurvedic Doula

Rest, Replenish, Restore

The postpartum window tends to present a "Big Y" in the road for mother’s physical and often mental health because it is an extra fragile time.  Let's connect so that we can figure out what options you can consider and what would be best for your specific needs. Rates for these services are based on the package perfect for you. Connect with me below.

Basic Doula Package includes:

  • Initial prenatal introduction (typically via phone)

  • In-person prenatal introductory meeting with mother and partner

  • Two+ additional prenatal visits to get to know one another, go over comfort measures, education around medical terms that could come up, delve into fears and birthing history, and set birth intentions

  • Continuous labor support from active labor, or any time additional support is needed, through delivery and until breastfeeding is established

  • Two+ postpartum check-ins soon after labor and delivery


Cost: Starting at $800

Additional offerings include:

  • Prenatal Mindfulness Support

  • Meditation practices during prenatal visits and after labor and delivery

  • Prenatal Photography


Postpartum Ayurvedic Packages:


All packages include preparation of 2 meals, snacks, beverages, and tea from your pantry for you and your family, guidance for mama and baby on self-care abhyanga (oil massage), guided meditations, and breastfeeding guidance. 


  • 1 Day of Nourishing Postpartum Care: sliding scale of $200 to $400

  • 3 Day Basic Rejuvenation package: sliding scale of $400 to $600

  • 5 Day Basic Rejuvenation package: sliding scale of $700 to $900

Creative financial agreements are available to ensure all women have access to Doula support before and during labor.

Contact me to create the right package for you! 

Pricing  & Packages

Each service is designed to best meet your needs. Schedule a free phone/video call so I can learn about your journey and create a package that will be best for you. 
I believe any person who wants a doula should have one, regardless of financial resources.

Please fill out this form and I will be in touch soon!

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Client Stories

People often comment about both my sons' calm and benevolent disposition.  I know it’s directly correlated to how they were naturally born into this world. I was so fortunate to have a wonderful doctor, caring nurses, but most of all a magical doula, Madeleine duPont.  
I couldn’t imagine having both my children without Madeleine's guidance, love, and support. Madi stood by me and helped me stay focused on the present moment, riding the waves and taking advantage of the recovery periods between contractions.  She had set the tone from the moment she arrived, filling the room 


with her tranquil soundtrack, and enough creature comforts to somehow make a hospital room feel like home. When I started to feel “stuck” in the pain of it all, her soothing voice coached me through breathing exercises, and visualizations.  She massaged me and encouraged uncommon laboring positions with different props to assist me. She asked meaningful questions and made suggestions that were in my best interest during each phase. She brought my focus inward with essential oils and visualization, allowing me to discover a strength I didn’t know existed deep within. Madi is truly on this earth to be a doula! Her presence during the birth of our boys was a tremendous help. Madi was very professional and nurturing throughout the labor, delivery, and postpartum. She truly went above and beyond her call of duty to help us realize our dreams. Her Ayurvedic cooking, deep listening, and wisdom nourished me through postpartum, minimizing the risk of experiencing depression. Not only was my digestive system on track from eating her food made with love, but I got to focus on connecting with my son during those critical first few weeks because I could trust that she would take care of the rest. I can’t recommend Madeleine highly enough, she is blessed with loving hands and a heart filled with empathy, everyone needs a Madi by their side during this journey.

- Emilie Crist


When my husband and I found out we were pregnant for the second time, I knew I wanted a doula to support me through the experience. At the time, I didn’t know much about doula services as we didn’t explore the option with my first child. Having gone through labor once I knew I wanted the extra support. We met Madi through mutual friends and after a few conversations, I knew we wanted her to be part of our birth experience.


During pregnancy, Madi was always available by phone and email (no matter what time of day) for questions and concerns. She had many useful tools and knowledge throughout the pregnancy. Some of my favorites were - the birth intentions and guided meditation that Madi led us through.


Due to some unexpected complications, my birthing intentions changed in the later weeks of pregnancy. Madi was a huge help offering insight

and knowledge of what to expect with these last-minute changes to my birth intention. I quickly realized that no matter how the baby was going to be delivered (vaginal or c-section), Madi was prepared and able to offer a great deal of knowledge.


Madi was very prompt on the day of delivery, coming to the house prior to help with any last minute needs. She was a key part of my birth team, made sure I understood what the doctors and nurses were telling me, and helped me in the decision-making process. Madi was wonderful about predicting my needs and keeping me positive. On several different occasions we had to make alterations to our birth intention and Madi was instrumental in helping us come up with the best decisions along the way. 


Postpartum, Madi checked-in often, making sure our family was happy and healthy. When an issue would arise she was quick to provide feedback and support. I couldn't imagine my birth without Madi by my side. She gave us much needed love and support, and many new tools to guide us into parenthood for the second time.

Thanks so much, Madi!



- Angela Wirkler

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