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I was raised playing and adventuring in the mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho. I am a mountain girl with an international soul, constantly connecting, adventuring, and learning from people all over the world. After receiving my BA in Humanities with a focus on Sociology, Psychology, and Gender and Women Studies, I traveled to many corners of the earth studying ancient Amazonian herbal medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, mindfulness, and Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga.

After several years abroad, I moved home to the states to give Ayurvedic Abhyanga treatments and to witness the birth of my sister's first son. This is where my passion for all things related to birth was deeply inspired. From this moment on, I knew I had to devote my life to supporting women during this beautiful and sacred time in their lives.
I moved to Boulder, Colorado to study at The Sacred Window where I completed my Postpartum Ayurvedic and Labor Doula training. Labor, and especially the postpartum window tends to present a big Y in the road for mother's physical and often mental health because of how fragile this period can be.  

As a doula, I find profound purpose in being able to support, listen, guide, respect, breathe with, advocate for, and love mama's and their families throughout this process. I am passionate about women having beautiful, empowering, and supported birthing experiences and transitions into motherhood and the postpartum time.

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 Wombs of the World

Working as a doula in Tanzania

In January of 2019 and 2020, I traveled with Wombs of the World to share my doula skills and serve laboring women in rural Tanzanian clinics.

It is incredible to be reminded of the sheer strength of women and to support them through birth that lacks in all resources. There is no running water, no sheets on the beds, no pain medication. I learned about how the healing powers of touch, presence, and breath can break through barriers of language and culture. We are all women. We are all born.  

Birth is incredible. It's raw, it's humbling, it's the most powerful and vulnerable a human will ever feel, and its the portal of life! It is an honor to witness new life enter the world.

I now carry with me the strength and determination of the Tanzanian women and share it with each of my clients back home.

Moving forward, I will "doula the doula" and host future groups of international doulas in Tanzania. Wombs of the World places professional birth workers in maternity clinics in Tanzania and Ecuador, for doulas to learn, grow, and serve. I am very excited to be part of this growing sisterhood!

Check out a recent feature in Voyage Denver!

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The article shares more of my story, how I found my calling in birth work, and what is fueling me. I am deeply passionate about supporting healthier, gentler births in my community and around the world. 

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